Hello, World! Bye bye 2015

During the past couple years I’ve constantly promised myself I will start writing, but I never manage to keep my promise. The end of 2015 seems like the perfect moment to start doing it. So, here we go.

If I had to describe 2015 in a few words it would be: “a year of challenges”. It was by far the most challenging year I’ve lived, both personally and professionally. So much happened in the past twelve months that it is hard to think of it as just one year.

A rough start

The beginning of the year caught me by surprise with the news that Global Park, the agency I was working at, would close its doors after 5 years in business. This became the opportunity to start working on new things.

New beginnings

I decided to freelance for a while to see how far I could take it working by myself. For a couple of months I worked on client projects and enjoyed it a lot. This was the perfect moment to try out new things. I also had the chance to meet tons of interesting people. During this time I launched several sites and produced around 15 videos for The Pool. There, I met Enrique Bay, founder and CEO of Kiwi. A couple months later I ended up joining Kiwi as front-end developer and their first hire.

During this time I also had the chance to start working with Manolo Sierra, owner of setomanfotos and one of Mexico City’s most renowned wedding photographers. This was the perfect opportunity to start doing wedding photography which I’ve always wanted to do. Working with a team that has over ten years of experience allowed me to focus my efforts during the week in my engineering work and still being able to do photography professionally during the weekends.

In April I officially joined Kiwi and started working on the product which consists of an API written in Go and consumed by three applications written in Ember. I had never developed apps using only Javascript. This proved to be a very interesting challenge, but I’ve really loved working on pure JS specially thanks to ember-cli and the great tools that the community has built around Ember.

A much needed break

During the summer I finished a few client projects I had left over from the months of freelancing and focused on expanding my knowledge of Ember. I also decided to take a semester off from school during the fall semester. This wasn’t an easy decision.

I’ve been studying for 10 semesters and working full-time for the past 3 years. Working plus switching degree’s from Industrial Engineering to Computer Engineering halfway have kept me from graduating school. I’ve been so burnt out and tired of school since I started working that I decided the best thing was to take a break. I only have 5 courses left, but I felt it was better to focus on work for a while and then come back to finish school with much more energy.

Closing the year

The last month of 2015 was a particularly exciting and stressful one. I was offered a position in a very young, but promising, new venture that is moving it’s operations from Colombia to Mexico. It was a really hard decision because I love working at Kiwi and I know there are tons of things that I can still learn there. I don’t think I had ever struggled so much with a decision as this time, but I chose to accept the offer and in a couple weeks I’ll be joining the team.

A few things that happened this year:

  • 1,581 commits in github
  • Photographed 24 weddings
  • Launched 3 shopify stores
  • Learned Vim
  • Quit smoking cigarettes

Here is my github contribuitions graph:

Resolutions for 2016:

  • Travel more
  • Write in this blog
  • Speak at meetups and/or conferences
  • Share photos more constantly
  • Be healthier
  • Graduate from University