Hi! My name is Luis

Developer | Photographer | Entrepreneur

Web Development

developer - noun
A person who develops stand-alone software (that is more than just a simple program) and gets involved with all phases of the development (design and code).

For the last two years I have been working as a web and mobile developer. I work at Kiwi, a startup that provides a pre-paid savings plan for medical service purchases.

I enjoy working with all parts of the development process; from setting up the server, all the way to the little details of pushing pixels and dealing with animations.

I've worked with serveral tools and languages mostly Javascript, Ember, Rails, Objective-C, among others...


I have been taking photos for the past 6 years. Most of my work has been freelancing, but I've been published a few times. What started as a hobbie has become one of my greatest passions. Through photography, I have been able to combine my passion for engineering and technical stuff with my creative craving. My favorite style is portaiture and live music photography.


Shooting video came as a natural progression after getting serious with photography. I have always loved cinema and when the oportunity was presented I dove into filming. All the videos below were directed, shot and edited by me. I'm currently working on my first short film.

Zielo - Commercial

Zielo is a mexican startup led by my good friend, Andrés Ocejo. We created this video to introduce a simple use case and show potential users the value propositions of their awesome product.

Dharma - Live Music Session

This is my favorite video of a four-episode show of Dharma, mexican pop band, playing live at Honky Tonk Studio. I used three cameras to shoot the video. Music was recorded live in a single shot.

Neon Lion - Music Video

This video is a small documentary of Neon Lion's showcase during SXSW 2013, set to their very epic tune: "No Return". We spent the whole week walking the streets of sunny Austin, having fun and inviting people to their showcase.

Santiago Pérez - Art Exhibition

Santiago's exhibition was a small conceptual installment which was available at one of the most beautiful buildings in Mexico City's heart. I shot a small video to document the exhibit.

Dharma - Music Video

In September 2012 I had the chance to travel to Las Vegas with mexican pop band, Dharma. They were invited to play at Fiesta Las Vegas Parade and Festival. They askmed me to document the experience and edit the video to their song "Tú".

About me

Name: Luis Enrique Mendoza

Age: 24

Location: Mexico City

Occupation: Student | Developer | Photographer

Major: Computer Engineering

Working at Kiwi and studying at ITAM. I'm passionate about building awesome products through technology and collaboration. I'm very interested in open source and finding new ways to build businesses based on great teams of happy creative people.

Feel free to contact me at:



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