My name is Luis, I'm a Software Engineer and Photographer from Mexico City. I have been working in technology for the past 10 years, mainly startups. I have served as a Co-Founder, CTO, Tech Lead, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Web Developer, and all sorts of roles within the tech world. Focused on building world-class products and amazing engineering teams.

I'm currently the Head of Engineering at beek.io, where we are building the best team in Latam (come join us). In the past, I worked at amazing companies like Lyft and GBM, as well as founded and/or helped grow some very interesting startups in Mexico (some of them now dead) like Higo, Tandem, Yabit (formerly Kiwi), Local-e, and Mercadoni.

As a photographer, I've been taking photos since 2009 and worked extensively as a music and wedding photographer from 2013 to 2017, shooting hundreds of weddings and some very cool concerts. Nowadays, I mostly spend my free time playing with old analog cameras or developing film in my make-shift darkroom/office.

You can find me around the internet as @luismendozamx ✌️