Hi! My name is Luis Enrique Mendoza.

I’m a software engineer and photographer based in Mexico City.

I study Computer Engineering at ITAM, I’m currently working on my thesis that focuses on the design and adoption of microservices for building large scale cloud-native applications.

I work at (GBM), Mexico’s leading brokerage firm, where I’m the technical lead for a new investment product. I’ve built and designed the core architecture and systems of our application using technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, React.js, Ember.js, Docker, DC/OS, Mesos, etc.

In the past I worked at a couple startups and a few projects using technologies like Rails, PostgreSQL, Ember.js, Angular.js…

On the weekends I enjoy taking photographs and I occasionally do professional wedding photography with Se Toman Fotos.

You can find me around the internet as @luismendozamx